• Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    Christmas, December 25th of each year, is a traditional festival of the church calendar, a celebration day for Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. At Christmas, most Catholic churches will hold the Midnight Mass on Christmas Day on December 24th, the early morning of December 25th,...
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  • Tmall Double 11 opens the door to China for Indonesian products.

    Tmall Double 11 opens the door to China for Indonesian products.

    2018 Tmall Double 11 ended with 213.5 billion yuan. For many overseas brands, this influential Chinese shopping festival provides an excellent platform for them to enter the Chinese market. According to foreign media reports, Indonesian food and beverage brands such as Indomie instant noodles, Ka...
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  • A Christmas Gift for Boyfriend

    A Christmas Gift for Boyfriend

    Christmas is A long-established festival in the West and is popular all over the world. On the occasion of the holiday, Western families will buy gifts and give them families. So among the couples,  what kind of Christmas gift is best for girls to give to their boyfriend? 1. Handsome and safe bac...
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  • Polyester Fiber HandMade Bag

    Polyester Fiber HandMade Bag

    Do you know this kind of materials?   Which we called Polyester fiber handmade bag. Fashion, Unique, and light-weight.  Just share the good-thing with you, guys.
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  • It’s not just a handbag, It’s a Living Attitude.

    It’s not just a handbag, It’s a Living Attitude.

    Everyone has an instigator Usually we are used to forbearance Get used to accept everything However, 365 days a year You always need to be different one day You always need to say NO to the same bag and the same life. You always need to meet your little imagination of the bag one day. You may nee...
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  • Superb Craftsmanship

    Superb Craftsmanship

    The fine leather is presented in a unique way, from which the culture of excellence and respect for tradition is passed down like ancestral treasures. Handling leather, cutting leather, stitching and sewing; professional skills preserve material and traditional originality. Our craftsmen provide ...
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  • Craftsman Spirit

    Craftsman Spirit

    Handmade leather goods is not only an item, but also a handicraft. It is the transmission of the beliefs of every craftsman. It is also the inheritance of history and culture. The history of European leather crafts can be traced back to the ancient prehistoric times, around 1450 BC. Leather proce...
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  • How to distinguish the real leather?

    How to distinguish the real leather?

    There are many kinds of leather, and the quality is different, so the price is also totally different. How to distinguish between real and fake leather? The main types of leather are pig skin, cowhide, sheepskin, horse skin and so on. The cowhide is divided into yellow cowhide and buffalo leather...
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  • How to maintain our leather products?

    How to maintain our leather products?

    Boxes, bags, wallets、watches, belts, etc. are essential for our daily life. With the continuous improvement of the living standards of modern people, people are tend to choose high-grade leather when choosing these products. But how to maintain our leather products? Here are some tips: Firstl...
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