Craftsman Spirit

Handmade leather goods is not only an item, but also a handicraft. It is the transmission of the beliefs of every craftsman. It is also the inheritance of history and culture.

The history of European leather crafts can be traced back to the ancient prehistoric times, around 1450 BC. Leather processing was discovered on Egyptian reliefs. With the changes of the times, the craftsmanship and decoration skills of hand-made leather garments, weapons, shoes, leather goods and other daily necessities are changing with each passing day.

Your first hand made leather goods, the world’s only limited edition collector’s edition, each texture will record this long love. In the bustling city, how many people are still doing great handcrafts?

As the person who is addicted to the hand-made works, hand-made is a healing, a kind of practice that can create a calm of concentration.

In this embarrassing era, the craftsmanship of the “artisan spirit” is especially precious. The essence of craftsmanship is also a perseverance. The fingertips of the flying dance are full of the spirits of the craftsmen.

That is different from the mechanical factory manufacturing, one needle and one thread, one nail and one rivet, one object and one device, after a series of processes such as grinding, pattern making, cutting, punching, bonding, sewing, etc., the utensils are made into handicrafts, The high-quality leather goods are durable and meticulously maintained, so that the gloss of the leather surface is longer and more delicious. Each grain of leather records a story. Let us work together in the texture of leather goods to Taste the different life!

Post time: Oct-15-2018