How to distinguish true and fake leather goods?

Leather products are widely loved by people and have a broad market for development. Therefore, there are various types of leather products that are difficult to distinguish between true and false. Let’s follow the professional leather goods company to learn how to distinguish genuine and fake leather goods.

1. Because natural leather has good water absorption, it can be dripped on leather. If it is well absorbed, it is natural high quality leather.

2. leather goods company said that from a visual point of view, the natural leather surface can clearly see the pattern and pores, and the distribution of pores is not uniform. The two points of some man-made products are not obvious.

3. from the feel of the hand, the leather feels better, can obviously feel a certain elasticity, and can recover very well after bending, and artificial skin will not have this effect.

4. from the scent point of view, pure natural leather has a thicker fur, artificial has a plastic flavor. A certain degree of discrimination can also be made by the smell.
5. The elasticity of the dermis is better, if conditions permit, you can pull the leather to test whether it is leather.

Because there are too many brands of leather products on the market, in order to ensure the selection of the right quality products in the process of selection, it is necessary to carry out some tests on it, and choose to purchase if it is to ensure the leather. The leather goods company also reminds everyone that the effect of leather and artificial leather is quite different during use.

Post time: Feb-27-2019