How to maintain our leather products?

Boxes, bags, wallets、watches, belts, etc. are essential for our daily life.


With the continuous improvement of the living standards of modern people, people are tend to choose high-grade leather when choosing these products. But how to maintain our leather products? Here are some tips:

Firstly, Daily care, daily simple care, can make handbags last longer.

1. Using the Special cleaner Regularly to wipe the bags to keep the leather bright.

2. Avoid applying the cleaner directly to the leather surface when cleaning handbag, apply it to the fluff or soft hair before wiping the leather surface.

3. Always keep your handbags dry and store them in a well-ventilated place. Some moisture-sensitive handbags can be put with moisture-proof beads.

4. If the handbag gets wet, use a dry cloth to remove the moisture from the handbag.Then put it in a cool place and let the handbag dry naturally.

5. Never put a wet handbag directly into the sun or blow it out. Also can not be placed next to the air-conditioning, otherwise the leather will be burst.

6. Do not rinse with water or contact with chemical solvents when cleaning handbags

Secondly, each leather has different qualities, so different care methods and appropriate care products are needed.

1. Cowhide, sheepskin: Apply high-quality skin cream to the flannel, remove the dirt on the leather surface, and then use a soft cloth to wipe the product back and forth slightly.

2. Bright leather: Wipe with a soft cloth

3. Matt leather: Wiping the leather slightly If the dirt is serious, try rubber skin.

4. PVC,PU leather: Wiping off the surface dust with Soft brush, or clean rag,wipe with a little wet rag, and dry it with a dry clot h to the bright. you can use Special cleaner to clean it depends on the different materials.

5. Chemical fiber fabric: Wiping off the surface dust with Soft brush,wipe off the stains with detergent when the stains are serious. Then wipe it with a semi-wet soft cloth and clean it in a cool, ventilated place.

Last but not the least: Special-Care

1. The zipper is not smooth. Apply the candle or wax to the zipper to improve the effect.

2. Metal decoration and oxidation (gold、silver and copper buckle) silver metal buckle: Wipe off black spots with the finest water sandpaper or sand eraser. Then wipe gently with a clear skin cream

3. Gold buckle:Never use abrasive paper to avoid rubbing gold off. Can only be wiped gently with a little clear skin cream

4. Prevention method. Apply a little transparent nail polish on the copper or metal buckle of the new handbag to prevent oxidation (Except colored-buckle)

Finally, we reminded that the subtle scars appear on the surface of High quality leather is a normal situation, so don’t worry.

Post time: Aug-10-2018