It’s not just a handbag, It’s a Living Attitude.

Everyone has an instigator

Usually we are used to forbearance

Get used to accept everything

However, 365 days a year

You always need to be different one day

You always need to say NO to the same bag and the same life.

You always need to meet your little imagination of the bag one day.

You may need

Add a personal color to your bag

Your unique color

Same as the messenger bag

Others are carrying styles

What you are carrying is a special feature

Others laugh that you love toss

You laugh that others don’t understand the charm of handmade leather goods.

In the quite life

We always need to “toss”

The autumn wind has started

Why not make a unique bag to match a long dress?

Why go passively instead of actively creating it?


from now on


Reject the same life and the same bag.


Unleash your heart.

Post time: Oct-29-2018