Tmall Double 11 opens the door to China for Indonesian products.

2018 Tmall Double 11 ended with 213.5 billion yuan. For many overseas brands, this influential Chinese shopping festival provides an excellent platform for them to enter the Chinese market.

According to foreign media reports, Indonesian food and beverage brands such as Indomie instant noodles, Kapal Ali coffee, Richeese biscuits, Papatonk shrimp biscuits and Yan Ty Ty bird’s nest participated in the Tmall Double 11 event in Tmall International flagship store this year. . Alibaba said: Chinese consumers have shown strong interest in instant noodles and coffee products in Indonesia.

“We must make a breakthrough because China is our largest trading partner.” Indonesian Ambassador to China Djauhari Oratmangun said in an interview in Shanghai recently: “One of the strategies is to sell Indonesian products through Alibaba’s e-commerce platform.”

Oratmangun said that the cooperation with Alibaba is the first step, and Indonesia hopes to find Indonesian products that Chinese consumers are interested in through Ali.

Oratmangun revealed that Indonesia also discussed the possibility of exporting coal to China through an e-commerce platform, as 40% of Indonesia’s coal exports currently flow to China.

In 2018, Tmall Double 11 was finally locked at 213.5 billion yuan, an increase of about 27% over 2017.

Tmall International said: Indonesia and China can cooperate to explore attractive products for sale in the Chinese market, such as health supplements.

It is understood that in early November this year, Alibaba officially announced the launch of the Indonesia Pavilion in its Tmall International. Foreign media commented that this means that in addition to Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, the United States and other countries, Indonesia has joined the cross-border platform designed to help international brands cover more than 1 billion Chinese consumers.

Post time: Nov-15-2018